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Rust API

Solana's Rust crates are published to crates.io and can be found on docs.rs with the "solana-" prefix.

Some important crates:

  • solana-program Imported by programs running on Solana, compiled to SBF. This crate contains many fundamental data types and is re-exported from solana-sdk, which cannot be imported from a Solana program.

  • solana-sdk The basic off-chain SDK, it re-exports solana-program and adds more APIs on top of that. Most Solana programs that do not run on-chain will import this.

  • solana-client For interacting with a Solana node via the JSON RPC API.

  • solana-cli-config Loading and saving the Solana CLI configuration file.

  • solana-clap-utils Routines for setting up a CLI, using clap, as used by the main Solana CLI. Includes functions for loading all types of signers supported by the CLI.